Cycling is physical/mental therapy - Tracy Burks

Nov.17, 2023

What outdoor activities do you usually like? What kind of transportation do you choose when doing outdoor activities? In this episode, we interviewed Tracy Burks. See what Tracy Burks has to say.

Tracy Burks's first eBike was a 500w 12ah cruiser with no suspension (entry level ebike) and it left him wanting much more. After weeks of scouring through the plethora of options on the market, he found the perfect eBike. He pulled the trigger on the WALLKE H6.

For Outdoor
The ebike has added joy to his life. He thinks it's fun to ride around the lake. So the first time he took the H6 on a camping/fishing trip. He spent more time on the bike than in his kayak. Lisa explained, “The H6 handled those mountain trails no problem with plenty of juice to spare“ As far as Tracy Burks, cycling is physical/mental therapy. It’s the best low impact work-out you can get. And it’s impossible to dwell on negativity when cruising on a great bike. He thinks the overall health and happiness of societies that embrace bicycling is apparent. The greatest pleasure he takes in eBiking is the ability to go farther, faster, and more often than on a conventional bike. In addition to riding his ebike, he also finds joy in skateboarding, motorcycling, kayak fishing, fly fishing, camping, and, well, pretty much anything outdoors.

For Commuting
While he loves driving my vintage Volkswagens, he prefers to ride an eBike to work. Not only does it save gas, it saves on parking tickets too. He works downtown where parking is a hassle. Depending on which route I take, it’s a 16-20 mile commute. 5 times a week. It’s a blast and probably just as fast as a car. Sometimes he feels sorry for all those sad faces stuck in traffic….sometimes.

He noted, " I gravitated towards WALLKE because the originality and ingenuity were apparent in the design and quality of their bikes. It all boils down to value. And it seems there’s always a new devolvement that makes the next round of bikes even better. What a great bike! I’ve had it almost a year now and it never fails to put a smile on my face.‘’